Scholarship Awardees take note:

     Your scholarship Proof of Enrollment must be postmarked by MARCH 1, 2018, or your scholarship will be forfeited.


1.  Go to your school’s Financial Aid/Scholarships Office or Registrar’s Office and ask for one PROOF OF ENROLLMENT (sometimes clled a Verification of Enrollment)You need only one.

  • The proof of enrollment must show your enrollment information including number of units and whether you are classified as a full time student.  Only full time students will be awarded their scholarships.  Internet printouts are acceptable but need to provide the above information.
  • Send one Proof of Enrollment to GUSTO.  DO NOT SEND IT TO ANYONE ELSE!

2.  Mail to: GUSTO, P.O. Box 431, Gustine, CA 95322

3.  GUSTO will send your scholarship funds will be sent to your school.  Your school will credit the funds to your college account.

Please note:  Most schools do NOT charge for this information.  If you are asked to pay for your PROOF OF ENROLLMENT, please make sure you are asking the correct department.

Also note:  Do not procrastinate.  If you send paperwork that shows you are no longer enrolled full time, you will not be awarded your scholarship.

  If you have questions, call Kathy Mendonša, (209) 648-2949.

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